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Tami, Arizona

When Reliv found me I was falling apart. I cried every day. My marriage was failing not because we didn’t love each other; it was because I was miserable to live with. I had had two children diagnosed with disabilities the very same year and it was taking an emotional toll on me. I got started on the Reliv products and found, very quickly, that I had sustained energy throughout my day and a lift in my mood. I just felt better! And I could handle the stresses that had been placed on my family. I went on to get full relief from those emotional symptoms, as well as chronic constipation. I’ve used Reliv as a prenatal, I’ve recently lost 31 pounds on the products and my marriage has never been better.
But what changed my life is when I put my son who has a lifelong developmental disability on Reliv products. In 5 days, this little boy who had never told me his name before, told me his name, his age, his mom and dad’s names, his address, his phone number, including area code and zip code – and I cried. His processing delay went away and that was why he was able to recall the information we had taught him in over 100 hours of therapy per month for two years. The very next week his language doubled, his eye contact got better, his social skills improved, his sensory problems decreased in frequency and intensity (and they had always been on complete overload) and in five weeks, my son was just like any normal boy his age.

Now, with that said, not every day is a perfect day at our home – our son is always going to have this disability. But, we have Reliv and as long as he takes his shakes consistently, he can appear 90 percent improved 90 percent of the time.

Our reality is that he is better focused, has a sense of humor, can handle the world around him, his bowel issues have completely resolved and he speaks to me just like any of my other children. Reliv is helping our son to have a quality of life he was never expected to have and I cannot even begin to tell you the gratitude I have in my heart for the changes that have come into our home.

I started sharing the hope of Reliv with others around my kids and was earning anywhere from $200-400 a month – that was paying for my family’s products initially. So, not only did Reliv give me a solution, they gave me a way to pay for it. I have put a consistent effort into this business and it has gradually grown over the years. To date, our best income month has gone over $8,400.

Andrew & Ashley, Missouri

As a college student-athlete, I was thinking about a business degree down the line and never really considered Relìv as a career. It was my wife’s experience that changed everything.
She had so many health problems – chronic migraines, back pain and irritable bowel syndrome. She was looking at major surgery within a couple of years. I suggested Relìv products and she tried them, with amazing results.

When I saw her results, Relìv came into my heart and we both felt a moral obligation to share this hope with other people. Our first month in the business, we made $6,000 in profit and during our first year averaged $3,000-$4,000 per month. By the second year, our income doubled.

Today, we’re in our early 20’s and earning more than $11,000 per month. We have a freedom and a lifestyle and we love what we do.

Lakeshia, Alabama

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and have lost my ability to walk four times, reduced to a wheelchair each time, the ability to speak twice, to use my dominant left hand twice, lost bowel and bladder control and my balance.
I was at an all-time low when I heard about Reliv. I was skeptical, I was hostile, I was downright mean! But still, I took the product like I was supposed to – I didn’t skip shakes, I didn’t make excuses.

In three months I didn’t need that wheelchair anymore. In four months, I regained bowel and bladder control and a great deal of dignity and freedom. In six months, my neurologist looked at me and realized something good was happening. He discontinued an intravenous therapy that cost $12,000 every six weeks. Nothing had changed but the Reliv and he told me to stay on it.

As I retired from the army, a military optometrist told me my vision had greatly improved and I was fitted for weaker glasses on my way out.

After two years, I was feeling healthy again and knew there was hope. My elimination and digestion indicators improved from 25-30 percent to normal. I broke my leg in August of last year and that leg required surgery. And still, it healed in six months without rehabilitation or physical therapy. I know the Reliv nutrition provided my body the ability to recover quickly.

I came into the business at the top profit level, acquired a business partner through marriage – he’s a minister in the area – and we’ve ministered to the needs of people in 23 states. We’ve made as much as $675 in a month and we know that’s just the beginning. We’re going to take this business wherever God leads.

Jerry & Anne, Illinois

My whole family has benefited from Reliv. In five months time, my wife’s symptoms of diabetes were under control and she has had an amazing quality of life now for more than a decade. In seven months time, our son’s attention issues were dramatically improved and we saw great strides in his academics and social interaction. My mother-in-law saw great improvements from 20 years of migraine headaches.
I had been dealing with depression for a year and a half, and in a matter of days I felt a more optimistic view on life. My cholesterol had been out of control but now I have been able to maintain healthy levels.

Because of these results, friends, family and co-workers started getting on these products and they kept re-ordering to the point that it literally drove us into this business. Our first month, we made $1,400. People began joining us in the business and we made over $10,000 our second month. In 20 months, I was able to walk away from my job of 17 years. Our Reliv income has paid us literally hundreds of thousands of dollars as our business has spread into several states and has begun to go into other countries.

Please Read:
The testimonials you will read and watch on this website are the experiences of real people, sharing from their hearts how Reliv has changed their lives.

However, we want you to know that while these testimonials are absolutely true, they have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Reliv products are not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease. Reliv does not make health claims. We do claim that Reliv is great nutrition. And, when you give the body great tools, it is capable of great things.

We also want you to understand that with any business, a considerable amount of work and skill is required to achieve success.

While the business incomes featured here paint a picture of what is possible through the Reliv business opportunity, these incomes are not representative of what a typical Distributor may achieve.

In other words, you get out of Reliv what you put into it. Reliv provides top-notch training and support, but no one is going to build your business for you. It is up to you.