Compensation Plan

Making Money with Relìv

Whatever your financial goals, Relìv powers up your earning potential with five different ways to earn income.

These 5 Income Avenues offer you rewards for each aspect of your business:

Retail Income — products you sell to customers.

Retail profits range from 20% - 40%, based on your Distributor Profit Level.

Wholesale Income — products sold through your Personal Group.

When you sponsor a new Distributor into the business, they become part of your Personal Group.  You earn Wholesale profits based on the difference between your profit level, and the profit level of each member of your Personal Group.

For example: you sponsor a new Distributor at the 20% profit level, and your personal profit level is 40%.  You'll receive the difference … or 20% … on everything this Distributor sells.

Overrides — residual income earned from leaders you develop.

As you work with the Distributors in your Personal Group, new leaders will emerge who will break away to form their own Personal Groups.  Relìv pays you Overrides, or a percentage override, on the group volume of these leaders to compensate you for your leadership development efforts.

Cash Bonuses and Trips — special incentives to enhance your income and your lifestyle

Imagine yourself relaxing on the white sandy beaches of the Mexican Riviera, exploring the Old World charm of Bavaria, or making memories with loved ones in everyone’s favorite fantasyland — Walt Disney World®!  These are just some of the exciting destinations Relìv Distributors will be visiting throughout the coming year.  Would you like to be part of the fun?

Make your wildest dreams come true by starting your Relìv business today.  In addition to exciting trips, as a Relìv Distributor you’ll also have the opportunity to qualify for merchandise rewards and lucrative cash bonuses ranging from a few hundred dollars for reaching a new level, to several thousand dollars for monthly top performers, and tens of thousands for top annual achievers!

Ambassador Program — bonuses, travel and more for helping others succeed.

Relìv Ambassadors travel across the continent and around the world helping to teach, support and inspire other Distributors to succeed.   In recognition of their important role, Ambassadors are eligible to receive additional cash bonuses and paid travel to sponsored events, as well as special recognition and participation in exclusive Ambassador-only events.

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